Internet WIFI, detalles que debe saber de su conexión


Being connected to the Internet via WiFi can be really confusing at times when your connection is down. Knowing the differences between your regular internet connection and your WiFi connection will definitely help you get to the bottom of your problem. The Internet transmits a request to the server, and then the server sends you the information from the web page. Your computer, on the other hand, sends a request to the router, which is the main gateway to the Internet, which forwards the request to the site in question.

To better understand this, it is important to know what is meant by ” Internet connection “. Internet connections are generally characterized by being wired or wireless. Wi-Fi is a type of wireless Internet connection. Wired connections are considered a standard wired connection. In other words, to use wireless technology, your phone must be able to receive a certain set of frequencies. The signal in question is typically sent along with the data packets to the Internet to be routed.

Types of wireless Internet

WiFi is also known as Wireless Fidelity, because it is a form of high-quality Internet connectivity that offers high bandwidth and speed. It is ideal for connecting portable devices such as digital cameras. Also very useful for laptops and other devices that need to surf the net. In contrast, wired connections are ideal for connecting to a computer or network. These types of connections are known to provide better speed, especially if the user is using a broadband connection.


Sometimes your router cannot connect to WiFi signals. This can happen because your router uses another type of network instead of a WiFi connection. For example, your connection could be Ethernet or even a DSL connection. The wireless signal may be blocked due to the way your computer was connected to the router. You can still access the Internet using the Wi-Fi network, but it can take much longer.

Connect from your laptop

You can also try using a USB modem to get your connection working. This type of connection allows the signal to pass through your router.


There is more to learn about using both types of wireless Internet . If you want to fully utilize the capabilities of your laptop, you can use a wireless router instead of a standard connection.

When using a laptop, you should also consider how much memory it has. You may have the ability to download music and movies from a laptop using Wifi. However, if the laptop only has a couple of gigabytes of memory, it will not be able to play these files.

You can learn more about the options available when you are looking for the right type of Internet connection for you. Whether you want to connect to WiFi networks, Ethernet networks or a wireless connection, all possibilities are available to you.

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