Diferencias entre una conexión satelital y una estándar.


When we have internet in our home or office it is important to choose the right type of connection, generally internet providers in Caracas provide a service that varies in quality and stability and that usually does not meet our expectations, which makes it quite an odyssey. being able to correctly determine who is the best of all and what can offer us for sure, the satellite internet in caracas provided by www.securelink.com.ve It is one of the most stable of all and has an unparalleled speed, its first-rate equipment directly enhances the best of having a satellite connection making it effective at all times, however it is important to define the difference between a standard connection and a connection of this type to be able to see the advantages that it supposes before the imminent decision of being able to acquire one of its incredible connection plans.


The differences between a normal internet connection and a satellite one are remarkable.

Internet providers in the country are based on repeater antennas equipment that broadcast the signal consistently up to the centrals, being able to dispatch the service itself to companies and homes, in this process the loss of stability is notable due to the excess of users and the obsolescence of the equipment they have to provide the connection, some private providers offer a stable standard service but with enormous costs that are not viable for most of the clients, so it can quickly be concluded that the internet services in Caracas best quality are those given by www.securelink.com.ve Since they are always committed to delivering the best to their customers in bandwidth and link drop prevention issues, it is still good to determine why these satellite links are better than a standard internet connection.


The connection is faster; Although it seems something normal in a link, it is not, the standard connections usually have a connection derivative in computers that can host a number of users that exceed the capacity of their computers, making the link slow because it is oversaturated; for satellite internet this is not a problem; Due to the fact that by working directly by antenna connection it can significantly improve the amplitude of the signal; giving it more reach and allowing it to have more speed than conventional connections.

The link is more stable.

Which is a great improvement compared to traditional connections, these connections constantly represent a problem; by having a dependency on other providers to be able to issue their service making use of little equipment to support the load of navigation requests made by their clients; in the case of satellite internet, the connection is more stable; Due to the fact that the load management is more equitable, delivering a link that will not suffer drops and conditioned equipment to be able to handle any request.

The equipment is of the latest generation; This is something that distinguishes providers like Securelink, having their own team of engineers within the company; These can deliver quality equipment with a certified working duration, specifically adapted to keep the satellite connection on the rise; the equipment used in conventional residential internet installations is usually from generic manufacturers; which causes very common connection problems.

Technical support attention is better; This is due to the fact that when a standard internet provider is hired there is a tendency to have an overpopulation of users; that can affect service times in terms of problem solving; which in turn tend to be constant and repetitive; in a satellite connection the problems are reduced which gives record response times by the technical staff; and solutions with immediate criteria, which assures its clients that they will always be available to those who need it immediately.

The variety in service plans is remarkable.

In the case of standard service providers, internet plans can be quite basic and generally only offer a variety in cost by simply removing features, for internet providers in the city such as www.securelink.com.ve they have different costs and Plans to offer to your clients is something necessary more than frequent since being able to deliver this level of variety ensures a top quality and tailor-made service, for example with your residential plan, your business service plan and even your personal plan. for those users who choose to have satellite internet directly on their mobile.

The option of Wi-Fi within the installation equipment is a priority; Unlike the standard connection that only the basic equipment has to be able to deliver the internet connection in a satellite connection; An additional benefit can be obtained such as the Wi-Fi service integrated into the primary installation equipment; which ensures not only being able to connect from anywhere in the office or home; but it will also be possible to use the satellite internet on different devices from laptops and tablets to mobile devices for the restraint of all who use the service.

In conclusion.

As we can see the differences that we can find between an internet service with a satellite connection and a standard one with a satellite connection are quite clear, this type of connection offers us a much greater amount of benefits than those we can find in other internet service providers. in Caracas since www.securelink.com.ve will always be at the forefront giving us support in terms of connectivity; either in our home or office; so without a doubt, choosing a satellite internet will always be the best option of all.

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